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Reed Archives provides comprehensive website archiving services for compliance, eDiscovery, information governance and more.

Reed Archives removes all the worry, providing comprehensive web archiving service and support you can count on. We’ve been helping clients manage data for over 50 years. When you’re ready to stop worrying and start meeting your compliance and records management goals contact us to discuss your web archiving project.

Key Benefits

  • Forensically sound archives reduce costs of eDiscovery and protect from unwanted deletion.
  • Best-in-class review console for search, organization, auditing and browsing archives.
  • Enterprise-strength litigation, eDiscovery and compliance features.
  • Supportive expert sales, service, and quality assurance teams ensure the success of your web archiving information management efforts.
  • A secure data center that complies with both FISMA and SOC 2 requirements.
Reed Technology has been making sense of unstructured data for over 50 years. Don’t trust your critical business records to anyone else.”

Rod Wittenberg, Director, Reed Archives

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Web Archiving Features

Can you recreate your website from two years ago if you had to?

High Fidelity Archives: Every page in the Reed Archives is a digital duplicate of the original with digitally signed time and date stamps, full-text search indexing, critical metadata, and more. Even pages with complex JavaScript, Adobe Flash™ and other technologies can be preserved to ensure the archived page works exactly like the original. Need to comply with FINRA guidance and SEC 17a-3/4 specifications? We’ve got you covered. With our technology and quality assurance teams you can rest assured your archives are accurate, accessible, non-rewriteable and non-erasable.

Can you defend litigation arising from claims made about your website or social media posts?

Enterprise Litigation & Compliance Features: When it’s time for mission critical business processes like audits, legal hold, eDiscovery, production and more, Reed Archives has you covered. Our web archiving service features best-of-breed litigation and compliance features like user protection, customizable retention schedules, legal hold support and more. Find out more about our enterprise-strength litigation and compliance features.

Are you forced to work with IT and wait out the delays of bringing content back from 2 years ago?

Powerful Review Console Built for a Novice. No IT Manager Required. Access your archive from anywhere to take advantage of the powerful review tools in the console. Designed from the ground up to meet your needs, from simple browsing to advanced filtering, searching and auditing.

  • Search by keyword/phrase
  • Filter by date range and multiple content types
  • Organize and filter using folders and tags
  • Use advanced search to create and save complex filters
  • Browse archives by thumbnails or using the Slideshow View and Social Media Raw View features.
The Reed Tech web archiving consoleThe Reed Archives console offers the most robust feature set available. From the industry’s first thumbnails to powerful advanced search capabilities, you’ll have everything you need and more with Reed Archives.Learn more »

eDRM XML Export LogoShare & Export Archives: Dramatically reduce the time it takes to collaborate with others using email reports and PDFs including notes, thumbnails and metadata. When the time comes to export archives for delivery to opposing counsel or integration with third party applications we have you covered with multiple export formats and functionality enabling you to leverage your existing technology investments. Learn more about the export capabilities.

Highly Configurable: Our archiving engine allows for massive customization of the setup and archiving process to ensure that your policies and goals are achieved. Archive your entire site, add multiple subdomains, filter out branches, etc. Our experts will work with you to define the right scope of your project.

World Class Data Center: With Reed Archives you always know where your data resides. SOC Service Org LogoOur FISMA and SOC 2 certified data center in Horsham, PA boasts the security, features and capacity to ensure reliable storage and access of your data. As a secure repository, we offer you peace of mind, knowing your organization’s valuable content is safe. It’s easy to put your trust in a world-class company like Reed Archives.

Unmatched Experience: With Reed Archives you don’t have to worry about the quality and availability of your archives. For over half a century, Reed Archives has helped clients manage data at the highest levels of quality. As part of the LexisNexis family, Reed Archives serves its clients in the public and private sectors with expertise and technological know-how.

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