Standard: 27% Benzene Oil
Product name: Beta-cypermethrin
Molecular formula: C22H19Cl2NO3
Molecular weight: 416.3
Chemical structural formula:
Physical and chemical properties:
TC is colorless or light yellow crystal. Melting point: 64-71°C  (changing by isomer proportion). Boiling point: 1.8×10-4mPa(20°C ), KOWlogP>4.7(pH 7). Density: 1.32g/ml (theoretical value), 0.66g/ml (crystalline powder)(20°C ). Solubility: water 51.5mg/l(5°C ), 93.4mg/l(25°C ), 276.0mg/l(35°C ) (all in pH 7); isopropanol 11.5mg/ml, xylene 349.8mg/ml, dichloromethane 3878mg/ml, acetone 2102mg/ml, ethyl acetate 1427mg/ml, petroleum ether 13.1mg/ml (in 20 °C ). Stability: stable at below 150 °C . Stable to air, sunlight, neutral and weakly acidic medium. Isomerize with alkali and hydrolyze in alkaline conditions.
Acute oral LD50: female rats 166mg/kg, male rats 178 mg/kg, female mice 48mg/kg, male mice, 43mg/kg. Acute percutaneous LD50> 5000mg/kg, rabbits moderate eye and skin irritation, skin sensitization in guinea pigs. Acute inhalation LC50 (4h)> 1.97 mg/l. Quail acute oral LD50 8030mg/kg (5% formulation), pheasant 3515mg/kg (5% preparation). With 5% of the pheasants and quail feeding preparations, the LC50 (8d)> 5000mg/kg feed. Fish toxicity LC50 (96h): Carp 0.028mg/l (5% formulation), catfish 0.015 mg/l (5% formulation), grass carp 0.035mg/l (5% preparation). Under normal field conditions, the fish no harm. Daphnia LC50 (96h) 0.00026mg/kg (5% preparation). Bees oral LD50 (48h) 0.0018mg ai/bee (5% preparation), the contact LD50 (24h) 0.085 l/ha (5% preparation), but under field conditions, using the normal dose, no harm to bees.
This product is working on nervous system of insects and kill them by contact and stomach toxicity without absorption. It can be used in public places to control flies, cockroaches, mosquitoes, fleas, lice and bdebugs, etc. And it can also be used to control livestock ectozoa. In agriculture, it is mainly used foralfalfa, cereal crops, cotton, grapes, corn, rape, pear, potato, soybean, sugar beet, tobacco and vegetables to control coleoptera, lepidoptera, orthoptera, diptera, hemiptera and homoptera, etc.
Packing: 180kg iron drum

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