Product name: Carbosulfan
Structural formula:

Molecular formula: C20H32N2O3S
Molecular weight: 380.55
Boiling point: 124-128
Vapour pressure (25°C): 0.041mpa
Toxicity: acute per os LD50(mg/kg) male rat 224 female rat 187
Solubility: water solubility 0.3mg/L(25°C), miscible with many organic solvents
Stability: stable in neutral or weak alkali condition, instable in acid condition
Use: Carbosulfan has systemic, tag out and stomach toxicity effect. It can effectively control mites and nematode and can be widely used to the pest on cotton, orange, rice and vegetable, such as aphid, spider mite, etc.
Quality standard: appearance: light yellow oily liquid. Assay≥90%, moisture≤0.3%, alkalinity(NaOH):≤0.2%.
Preparation: 25% EC, 5% EC, 20% EC, 25% WP, 35% powder, 92% crude oil. We can also custom according to customers demands. We developed 5% and 10% carbosulfan granular formulation.
Packing: 200kg/iron drum

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